CAN Driver


The kit includes:

  • CAN_Driver controller
  • CAN Wire 50 cm
  • Header Pin Strip RST2x14

Motor driver with the CAN-bus interface is intended to be used with the CAN-enabled SimpleBGC32 controller.

This module was designed for use with Extended, CAN MCU or Pro boards, replacing onboard drivers.

It allows you to build a 3-axis stabilizer based on a modular scheme (see connection diagram) or an extend regular stabilizer by the 4th, 5th axis, with the optimized wiring between modules that is perfectly immune to EMI noise.

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Input voltage: 3s–6s (12–26V)
Current: 10A continuous, 15A impulse with heatsink installed.

Support a big number of models of absolute rotary encoders with the following interfaces:

  • SPI
  • PWM
  • I2C
  • A,B,Z
  • SSI, BiSS

Main controller connection:

  • 2x CAN, optional on-board terminator

Other interfaces:

  • Limit switch, Z-Index switch, Emergency switch and several digital I/O pins
  • 1-wire for thermal sensor connection
  • Address selection pins


  • Over-current
  • Under-voltage
  • Short-circuit

Additional information


1 piece, 3 pieces set


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