Warranty Liabilities

Buyer has the following rights pursuant to any local laws. Warranty makes no claim to supersede such
rights. Where any part is un-enforceable the remaining terms still apply.

1. Warranty period is counted from the day when product is issued to Buyer (date of receipt of good when shipped).

2. If during the warranty period the specified product is damaged and Buyer is not responsible for said damage (in accordance with provisions of use*) Seller is obliged to repair or replace the product at Sellers discretion without additional cost to Buyer.

3. Warranty repair and servicing is performed at the service center of Seller only if purchased there and this original, signed warranty card is presented at time of request. The warranty period is extended by any time spent during repair.

4. Seller assumes no warranty liability if any of the following conditions apply:
– product has mechanical, chemical, thermal or other defects.
– product has been damaged because installation or use provisions have not been fully observed.
– product has been opened, repaired or upgraded by unauthorized persons.

5. During warranty repair time the Seller has no obligation to provide replacement product.

6. Seller accepts no responsibility to compensate lost profit or other expenses caused by product damage.

7. Warranty expressly excludes damage to other devices regardless of determination for fitness of use and regardless of condition of warranted product- whether damaged or in good working condition.

8. Under no circumstances shall liability of Seller exceed the purchase price of product.

9. Warranty is non-transferable.

10. All costs related to transportation of product are paid by Buyer. Seller takes no responsibility for compensation of transportation expenses.

* Provisions of use include use by owner solely for the products intended purpose, and with full regard for all observations noted in the products User Manual and Seller’s technical and product release bulletins. Buyer becomes responsible to update said knowledge due to any or all release notes and changes to the published User Manual- even if that publish date is later than purchase date.