SimpleBGC 32bit Tiny I2C 2-IMU Set, Revision B


The kit includes:

  • SimpleBGC 32bit Tiny Rev. B main board – 1 pc
  • I2C IMU sensor board – 1 pc
  • I2C IMU 30 cm wire – 1 pc
  • Header Pin Strip 9P Straight – 3 pcs
  • Header Pin Strip 4P Straight – 1 pc
  • Encoder license (encoder enabled and regular firmwares included)
  • Header Pin Strip 9P 2 ROW Angle – 1 pc
  • Header Pin Strip 4P Angle – 1 pc

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This controller is a smaller version of SimpleBGC 32-bit 3-axis stabilization. It is designed for building gimbals for small cameras.

  • Built-inI2C IMU sensor can be used as a second frame sensor or as the main sensor.
  • Possibility to regulate voltage from 6 up to 11 V and connect small motors despite current of a
  • Has the same sockets as the full-size SimpleBGC 32-bit.
  • Possibility to connect optional Bluetooth module.

SimpleBGC 32bit Tiny controller revision B has the following improvements:

  • Smaller than the previous version: dimensions are 25×40 mm
  • Current capabilities were extended:
    • +5V line can provide up to 1A continuous current (that is enough to power GoPro camera), and up to 2A instant current *
    • +3.3V line can provide up to 500 mA continuous current and 1A instant current *
    • Input voltage range was extended to 1s 6s (3.7V–25V)
    • USB-UART onboard converter simplifies PC connection, fewer problems with drivers compared to the previous version


Size of the board: 40×25 mm
Distance between the mounting holes: 23×19 mm
Power supply voltage: 3.7–25 V (1s 6s LiPo)
Maximum motor current: 1 A

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Encoder Enabled

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