SimpleBGC 32bit Extended CAN_Driver Kit

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The kit includes:

  • SimpleBGC 32bit Extended main bord – 1 pc
  • Motor 30 cm wires – 3 pcs
  • Battery 20 cm wire – 1 pc
  • Ferrite coils 10-15 mm diameter, 3-5 mm thickness – 3 pcs
  • CAN IMU sensor board – 1 pc *
  • Encoder-enabled firmware
  • CAN_Driver controller – 3 pcs
  • CAN Wire 50 cm – 4 pcs
  • Header Pin Strip RST2x14 – 3 pcs
  • Terminal block 2-pos 5 mm – 3 pcs
  • Terminal block 3-pos 5 mm – 3 pcs

* Second IMU is integrated in the board.

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1 review for SimpleBGC 32bit Extended CAN_Driver Kit

  1. Jonathan Pang

    – All packaged well in static-shielding.
    – All well-made, under-voltage and over-voltage protection works well. Feels good knowing it can protect itself a little.
    – CAN_drv cables were missing but customer support shipped them to us immediately after seeing my email about it, good customer support.

    – The CAN_drv modules came with the pins and wire clamps separate, giving you the option to solder wires directly to the board or solder on the servo-style pin header.
    – The CAN cables make wiring VERY easy, a simple parallel connection, doesn’t matter which CAN port is “IN” or “OUT”.
    – The drawings and models they provided were adequate enough to design enclosures/fixtures/connections.
    – Gimbal motor wires don’t matter in how they plug into the power output on the CAN_drv modules, as long as the middle wire of the 3-wire servo plug goes to the middle of the three-hole output terminal, (not explained in the manual).
    – The basecam encoder manuals are not sufficient enough to find out how to plug the common AS5048a encoder for 3-wire operation with the CAN_drv. I had to split the servo-style 3-wire plug in order to plug into the +5v, GND, and SPI MISO which are pins 1, 2, and 8.

    TUNING PROCESS (the toughest part for me):
    – The manuals throughout the website are a bit of a chore to work through, but they are thorough enough to get the gimbal working (I have no prior gimbal-building experience).
    – The CAN_drv manual provided a link to download the latest Simplebgc_GUI software, which as of now (August 2018) is version 2.63b0. This version does NOT support the CAN_drv modules. I found that there is an option to download beta version within the ‘(firmware) upgrade’ tab of the GUI. My frustration paid off when I found that CAN_drv module support was added in 2.66 (thanks dev team for patch notes). I am now running 2.68b1 and I am proud to say that the gimbal works very very well after following the tuning instructions in the manual.

    I’ve yet to get the RC functions working but I have full confidence it will be a breeze given the instructions seem pretty clear. Overall I give 5 stars because the product and algorithms are good. Other aspects such as intuitiveness of instructions/assembly could use some improvement.

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