SimpleBGC 32-bit OEM v1.2


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This is a compact but powerful and function-rich gimbal controller, suitable for small-, medium- and even large-sized gimbals. The main difference from other our controllers — it’s designed to be built in into a customer’s host controller or motherboard rather than used stand-alone.


  • Built-in powerful (for their size) motor drivers with possibility to use external motor drivers*
  • Built-in IMU sensor, can be used as a second frame sensor or as the main sensor.
  • Full set of interfaces that are common for our top-level controllers: SPI/PWM, I2C, CAN, 3x UART, 7x SDIO, 3x ADC
  • Compact size and low profile
  • 64-pin MCU with 256k FLASH and CAN bus support implements all the hardware and software functionality available in the “Extended” series of SBGC32 controllers while reducing the overall board size**
  • The on-board current sensor can measure a power consumption of OEM controller as well as host controller, due to the power supply pass-through routing option.
  • Components that are missed (to be located on the host controller): all connectors, 5V DC/DC regulator, USB-to-UART adapter for PC connection

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OEM Controller v1.2, OEM Developer Board, OEM Evaluation Kit


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