SimpleBGC 32-bit CAN_MCU + 3 CAN Driver kit


The kit includes:

  • SimpleBGC 32-bit CAN DRV MCU module – 1 pc
  • CAN_Driver – 3 pcs
  • CAN IMU rev. С sensor – 1 pc
  • CAN 50 cm cable – 4 pcs
  • Header Pin Strip RST2x14 – 3 pcs
  • Terminal block 2-pos 5 mm – 3 pcs
  • Terminal block 3-pos 5 mm – 3 pcs

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SimpleBGC 32-bit «CAN_MCU» controller has no onboard motor drivers and designed primarily to work with the CAN Driver modules, though «I2C_Drv» drivers are supported too. It supports both the CAN_IMU and regular I2C IMU sensors.

This controller is an ideal solution to build pro-grade stabilizers able to carry heavy cameras.

Additional information

Size of the board

35×50 mm


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