BaseCam Pro board in Case
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Pro Controller CAN IMU Set in Case


The kit includes:

  • Power Board – 1 pc
  • Logic Board – 1 pc
  • Interface board – 1 pc
  • All 3 boards assembled in Case
  • Encoder connector – 1 pc
  • CAN IMU + 50 cm wire – 1 pc
  • Optional: CAN IMU Expansion Kit: CAN IMU + Splitter + 2 x 50cm wires
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Product Description

BaseCamBGC Pro controller inherits all the power and flexibility of SimpleBGC 32-bit brushless gimbal controller and introduces new capabilities:

  • High-power motor drivers with current capabilities up to 13A per motor, that provides a capability to build a gimbal for virtually any camera systems presented in the market (5…50 kG weight)
  • Integrated 5V DC regulated power supply
  • Integrated 12V or 14.8V (selectable) DC regulated buck-boost power supply, to power video equipment (camera, transmitters, converters, etc.) from single battery
  • Full set of protections: overcurrent, short-circuit, over-temperature, under-voltage protection in DC converters and motor drivers
  • Battery voltage sensor and voltage drop compensation
  • Current sensor for precise power consumption monitoring and battery lifetime estimating
  • Built-in Bluetooth (BLE) module compatible with latest iOS and Android devices
  • 3 dedicated ports to connect absolute rotary position sensors (encoders) by SPI, PWM or I2C protocol
  • 2 CAN ports for future support of high-quality gyro sensors and extension boards
  • Modular design: controller is split in 3 modules: power board, logic board and interface board. It gives more freedom in customization to better fit into your product
  • Temperature sensors: 3 external (optional) and 1 internal to implement over-temperature protection for motors and controller
  • Integrated solid-state power switch allows you to use miniature power On/Off button
  • On-board buzzer
  • LC-filters on motor outputs to suppress high-freq PWM harmonics

Interface board connectors

Exposed to user:

  • USB port for PC connection
  • UART port to connect serial modem, bluetooth module or any other device that implements Serial API protocol
  • 4 analog inputs for analog joystick or potentiometers connection with flexible function mapping
  • 5 PWM inputs/outputs with 5V supply for hobby RC or servo connection
  • Spectum/s-bus signal input
  • 4 AUX inputs/outputs for various functions
  • Menu button
  • Status LEDs

Hidden from user:

  • Analog joystick port
  • CAN port
  • I2C port

Logic board connectors

  • 3x Encoder ports
  • 3x PWM servo outputs
  • CAN port
  • 2x I2C ports
  • 3x temperature sensor ports

Power board connectors

  • Battery input
  • 3x brushless motor outputs
  • 12/14.8V DC power supply output
  • 5V DC power supply output
  • Power switch (low-current)
  • 5V cooling fan

Maximum Ratings

  • Input voltage: 8…26 V
  • Input current: 50A max.
  • Motor output current: 8A continuous, 13A Peak*
  • 5V stabilized power supply: 5A max.*
  • 12V/14.8V stabilized power supply: 5A max.*

* At maximum ratings, heatsink and cooling fan is required


Power board + logic board: 115×50×20 mm
Interface board: 25×50×10 mm


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