InfinityMR PRO Gimbal


One of the lightest gimbals in the GH5/A7S camera size class in the world.



InfinityMR PRO is one of the lightest gimbals in the GH5/A7S camera size class in the world. Ultra-light and rigid construction combined with a new AlexMos Extended controller and CAN IMU makes it a perfect choice for everyone looking for a reliable aerial gimbal. Quick-release system, slipring connector and orbit damping system allow to use this gimbal on any multirotor frame with very easy wires routing and mounting. InfinityMR PRO is a great job partner both for one- and two-man teams.

  • 360 unlimited rotation in pan axis
  • Built-in 12 channel slipring connector
  • Quick-release system on the pan axis
  • Underslung and upside down mode (easy mouting under the drone and on the top of the drone)
  • AlexMos extended controller with CAN IMU and encoders
  • Tripod mode (great for panorama and timelapses)
  • Automatic scripts (great for panorama and timelapses)
  • Orbit damping plate with silicon damper
  • 12mm tube clamp system for easy mounting on the drone
  • Only 950g including damping plate / 820 excluding damping plate (the lightest gimbal in its class!)
  • 1.3kg camera support (GH4 / GH5 / A7S /A7R II / A6500 / BlackMagic, etc.)
  • Improved autotunig mode
  • 12-24V power input

* Minimum lens weight to be used with GH5 is 100g. In order to use HDMI output in GH5, angled HDMI connector with flexible cable is required.

Additional information

Weight 3000 g


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