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GPS IMU connects to any free UART port of the main controller and provides precise attitude and heading information, that can be used as a reference to correct the internal IMU sensor, solving its common problems: gyroscope drift, an affection of linear accelerations, drift caused by the changes in environmental temperature.

The Kit includes:

  • Basecam GPS IMU module in case
  • Battery for GNSS hot start and real-time clock
  • Onboard SD card
  • UART cable
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Dear customers, please note that this version of GPS_IMU v1 has some flaws in receiving GNSS signal that cause longer time for 3D fixing in conditions of poor signal reception (bad weather conditions, limited sky visibility, dense urban development, the presence of interference in the GNSS bands)

We work on the new GPS_IMU v2 in which this problem will be solved, and other characteristics of the module will be improved.

Expected date of release the new GPS_IMU v2 is September of 2019.
After GPS_IMU v2 is released, you can exchange your module for a new one, paying the difference in the cost of the current and new version of the device.


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